3 Reasons Why We Procastinate and How To Fix It

3 Reasons Why We Procastinate and How To Fix It

lutz-bornmann.de – It’s all because of the technology we have the tendency to procrastinate more, but at the same time, we cannot blame it. Of course, we can’t! Procrastination is actually a human problem that we will not do our task until we are compelled to do it. All people do it, but each person has their own level of procrastinating.

Even though it is normal for a person to procrastinate, it doesn’t mean we should let it control our lives. We often do this when we know we shouldn’t. We stand in front of the fridge to take something and then go back to work, instead we end up taking the phone and do texting for one hour. In fact, we can do something that is more productive. Or, we spend our two hours for the endless Facebook scrolling or watching Buzzfeed video.

So, it is important to know that procrastination has multiple faces. It has many faces that tell everyone what we are doing is OK, with the fact that we just make an exception. There are many reasons actually why we procrastinate, here are some of them:

It’s Not An Important Task

Well, it is our natural thing to underestimate something because it is easy to do, or it is not an urgent task. It’s a lot harder to prioritize such task. As a result of this neglection, we ruin our lives from the smallest things.

Solution: It is time to see the big picture.

It is time to think in a big perspective. For example, you should do a regular task every day. It is so easy, but sometimes you always procrastinate so you decide to do it tomorrow. Well, you can start to think about how this will affect your long-term life. This small step is the best way to reach your goal. Instead of looking at details that annoy you, choose this as a part of your life journey and a small achievement in your everyday life.

We Don’t Know Where and How To Start

Sometimes we are just stuck on the messy mind that we are even not sure where and how to start the routine. We feel disorganized and confused at the same time. This kind of procrastination is more like avoidance of negative feeling. We often feel incompetent and then we opt for the easier things, like watching Netflix.

Solution: Break Down The Task

To fix this, you can break down your task night before sleeping. It is much easier to do so you will not feel incompetent anymore. Once you have done the smallest activity the next day, count it as the achievement. You might want to do more.

We Work Better Under Pressure

Some of us like working under pressure. Just remember the moment when you were at school or college. Some of you preferred studying days before the exam.

According to Psychology Today, there are two types of procrastinating; active and passive procrastinating.

Solution: Set Pressure Time

If you like doing your task under pressure, then you are an active procrastinator. It sounds fine actually as long as you don’t feel overwhelmed. However, It is always not good because you might work better with proper time management. What something unexpected happens? You won’t know.

You can set your time 25 minutes for work or study and 5 minutes for rest. This method usually works for everyone.

Meanwhile, for the passive procrastinator, they want who always get distracted with videos, texting and social media, you better get rid of them and open it in a certain time. Maybe you want to answer a call or open the email and read chat in the morning and rest only.